Have you ever heard of preserved plants? Undisputed beauty and low maintenance!

We have talked many times here about the importance and difference of having plants in the decoration! And despite being an enthusiast and lover of natural plants, we must admit that in some places the poor little ones will not last. Whether because the owner has no time or patience, the place is dark and without ventilation or for any other reason! Knowing this, it is still worth noting that if it was the time when the decorative plants were only divided into two categories: natural and artificial. We now have some more specific terms that are used to describe them: permanent, preserved, semi-artificial, hybrid... But before we complicate matters much, we decided to talk here about preserved plants, you know?


Photograph: Vertical Garden

Preserved plants are the result of the transformation of natural foliage that, chemically treated, permanently replaces live plants in indoor environments. This plant preservation provides a natural look for many years without the need for water, air and light. These plants can have proportions of the most varied, from small arrangements to trees with 12 meters in height! That is to say, it is as if they"impaled"the small plant.


Photograph: Vertical Garden

The richness of detail and the work demanded by this type of plant is undeniable. That's why preserved plants are often a lot more expensive than other types! When they are not potted, they are usually handmade, that is, according to the needs of each space where they will be placed, either in flowerbeds or in vertical gardens. In this way, a high degree of similarity with the natural and living plants is reached, leaving the environments very pleasant and without the inconveniences that so much damage the natural plants in internal environments.

This technique can be applied from a live frame on the wall to huge vertical garden panels, or even on tall, tall trees such as palm trees. They value commercial and residential points with almost no maintenance or post-deployment concerns.


Photograph: Svetlana Preserved Plants and Landscaping - Artefacto Show 2017 - Patícia Anastassiadis

It should also be noted that in the case of preserved foliage, it may require a little more care than an entirely artificial plant, since it is not recommended to stay under direct sunlight for long periods, and should be slightly humidified if the climate is too dry. Periodic maintenance for cleaning the leaves and maintaining their healthy appearance should be done annually.


Photograph: Svetlana Preserved Plants and Landscaping - Artefacto Show 2017 - Debora Aguiar


Photograph: Svetlana Preserved Plants and Landscaping - Artefacto Show 2016 - Roberta Banqueri