Home office decor: 20 ideas for you to set up a beautiful home office

Working from home may seem like a great idea, but the fact is that it is not a very simple and enjoyable task to do. Who is your own boss knows full well that the dossier does not end at the end of the day and the week often does not end on Friday. Besides, it takes a lot of willpower and determination to sit down to work knowing that your bed is right there. Working sitting on the couch or bed may not do well for your productivity, nor for your spine! That is why it is so important to have a clean, organized and cozy space at home so that your work income and your spine are kept intact! With this in mind, we have separated 20 home-office ideas that can inspire you in this endeavor that can be very enjoyable when performed with professionalism and responsibility!


Photograph: Steve Domoney Architecture

Habits need to be kept for the housework to be productive and one of them is to change clothes to work. Who works at home and stays in pajamas, or shirtless, ends up reflecting this sloppiness in the quality of their tasks. If the monk's habit is done, a non-professional costume can contaminate the seriousness of the work and reduce the credibility and even the self-esteem of the collaborator. This does not mean, of course, that it is necessary to wear a suit and tie every day. The important thing is to work in comfortable clothing, but to convey a professional attitude to yourself and to others. And that same rule holds true for the space where you go to work.


Photograph: Rafael Simonazzi

Working from home gives you more flexibility and yet ensures extreme comfort. But you have to have a little corner that transmits productivity and, of course, is beautiful. Do not you have a room in the house just for the office? No problem! You can put it in other places, like that little corner of the room or even in the living room. Just choose fitting furniture to fit the few meters available!

It is also worth remembering that it is not enough just to caprichar in the visual of the space, it is also necessary to invest in the organization. So, equip your desk with organizers and bet on drawers to put the documents in order. And when it comes to choosing the chair do not forget that your feet should be fully supported on the floor and your knee should form a 90-degree angle (sometimes it's worth investing in a footrest). And the longer you stay working, the more comfortable the chair should be.


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