Living room and kitchen integrated into a young and creative decoration

Integrating the different rooms (living, dining or TV) with the kitchen is an expression of the contemporary style of living, which not only prioritizes, but also enhances the conviviality between people, whether they are all residents or guests. Thus, this feature, in addition to facilitating interaction between people, helps to make better use of spaces in a more unpretentious and pleasant way. And the most common choice within an apartment, loft or home is the integration between the dining room and the living room, or the integration between the two environments with the kitchen, which is exactly the case of this beautiful architect's project Marcela Madureira . A young, colorful, creative, super contemporary room with pieces of designer furniture that complement the décor perfectly. The wall with a colorful design in the background gives a cheerful and modern touch, which is fundamental in this decoration. The kitchen is fully integrated into the dining room, although it is divided by the choice of materials used. The floor is the same, which gives the feeling of continuity, but in the kitchen the predominant tone is black, different from the room, but notice that even so the environments talk and integrate perfectly!

1-room-young-armchair-rib-wall-colored 2-room-young-armchair-rib 3-rooms-integrated-decoration-young 4-dining-room-modern 5-rooms-integrated-decoration-young-rug-huge 6-room-young-armchair-rib-wall-colored 7-tv-integrated room 8-dining-room-modern 9-kitchen-and-dining-room-together 10-kitchen-black-moderate-open 11-kitchen-black-moderate-open 12-rooms-integrated-decoration-young 13-rooms-integrated-decoration-young 14-room-integrated-with-balcony 15-study-desk

Photos: Marcela Madureira - photographer Ana Mello