Modern townhouse with lots of concrete and open spaces

Located in a residential neighborhood of São Paulo, this beautiful home is a project of the Group SP . The office is a result of the association of architects trained in different moments that gathered for the development of competitions and projects from 2004. The house has a configuration for an urban lot (10m x 37m), with the design of an open space between the boundary walls of the ground from the construction of a closed central block and two side walls. According to architects, a central volume in reinforced concrete concentrates all support programs and organizes the entire spatiality of the house, forming continuous longitudinal lateral spaces. On one side, an access porch used as a library and on the other a void defined by the ramp of vehicles, but marked by the presence of a vertical garden, which approaches the border, incorporating it visually to the internal space. This arrangement allows the land to be fully visualized from the entrance of the house. In the same way it is possible to see the street of the later currency, sensibly enlarging the perception of its real dimension.


At the core of the building are vertical circulation and wet areas. Kitchen and bathrooms on the lower floor and bathrooms on the first floor, plus a space for gym, a suite for guests and balconies on the second floor, concentrating the machines on the roof. The house is organized in three floors, articulated around this central volume. The rooms for long stay orbit this central volume: living and dining rooms on the ground floor and two bedrooms on the first floor. A walkway connects the dormitories located at opposite ends and allows access to the bookshelf that rests on the structural gable with double height ceilings. In this enclosure, there is a zenithal illumination that emphasizes the volume of concrete.


The structural solution mixes concrete and steel, metal closures and coatings, resulting in a sober and sober architecture. A house that turns inwards, considering the surroundings and introspective preexistences, enhancing the spaces of life without, however, closing them or enclausura them. Architecture is, in this case, almost neutral, colored by the books, art objects and history of the residents.


The project is from 2012 and, in 2015, won the 8th Architecture & Construction Award"THE BEST OF ARCHITECTURE"- CATEGORY CITY HOUSE, from Editora Abril.

4-facade-house-garden-modern-paulistano 5-facade-house-garden-modern-paulistano 6-facade-house-garden-paulistano-modern 7-circulation-concrete-shelf 8-circulation-concrete-shelf 9-circulation-concrete-shelf 10-room-integrated-modern-concrete 11-balcony-garage-area-external 12-room-double 13-circulation-pav-superior 14-circulation-pav-superior 15-ground-floor 16-ground-plant 17-floor-1st floor 18-floor-2-floor 19-cut-design 20-cut-design

images: Grupo SP - Photographer Nelson Kon