Reform project that integrates the environments and the result is incredible

And it was enough to make a post to know the work of the architect Marcela Madureira to become a fan and want everyone to turn too! The renovation project of this apartment was aimed at improving the integration between the environments through a modern architecture. The apartment is originally from the 80's and had a very compartmentalized plan, which did not satisfy the need of new residents. According to the architect, for the realization of the renovation, the masonry that separated the kitchen, the social hall, the TV room, the dining room and the living room were demolished, making all these environments partially integrated.


In the hall, a white paneling was executed that camouflages the elevator door, the door of the toilet and a door that gives access to the kitchen in a light, harmonious and minimalist way. A large wooden bookcase with iron structure plays a prominent role in the design. It serves as a partition between the foyer and the home theater, giving more privacy to this environment.

2-hall-minimalist 3-apartment-with-living-room 4-shelf-TV-oled

The existing materials and coatings were already quite deteriorated and were all changed. On the floor was used rustic wood, demolition type, making a set of textures with the apparent concrete of the structural elements. The architecture has a neutral base, letting the colors predominate in objects, furniture and landscaping.


The fireplace, in the social area, has been totally remodeled. The old one had only a small opening framed by a piece of ancient granite. A wall was then built on top of the original massive brick fireplace and a large"tear"made of ceramic blocks resistant to high temperatures was designed.

6-room-integrated-shades-clear-bar 7-room-integrated-shades-clear-bar 8-rooms-integrated-with-beams-and-pillars-in-concrete 9-room-with-chaise 10-apartment-with-living-room 11-shelf-partition 12-fireplace-brick-in-the-room 13-living-dining-chair-straw 14-room-dining-chair-straw

Still according to Marcela, the kitchen was semi-integrated to the social area through doors type"shrimp", thus adapting to the daily needs of the residents. A panel was also created with decorative tiles composing with custom-made joinery.

15-island-kitchen-incredible 16-kitchen-with-finish-incredible 17-kitchen-great-incredible 18-kitchen-integrated-with-dining-room 19-corridor-minimalist 20-home-office-with-sofa

In the intimate area, composed of 3 dormitories, there was not a significant modification in the layout of the spaces, only the replacement of the coverings and a new design of carpentry for the internal cabinets.

21-room-all-white 22-lavabo-super-chic 23-plant-reform-apt-260m2

Photos: Marcela Madureira - Photographer: MaĆ­ra Acayaba