Small apartment enhances the decoration with old wooden gate

I must confess that I left the Scandinavian apartments halfway here on the blog, not because I got bored or I did not like it, but I preferred to open a space to fill with Brazilian architects. Has anyone noticed? After this period, I ended up facing this beautiful apartment of only 37m² and I was enchanted! So he's here today! With a kitchen to envy any apartment, this little beauty is full of decoration ideas to enjoy, being one of the main an old wooden gate, behind the sofa, that gives a rustic and beautiful touch to the whole environment. And it was not necessary to pierce the wall! The touches of color used in the furniture also help to make everything more cheerful and modern. The part of the room is separated from the living room by a curtain and the high bed with many drawers underneath is the ideal solution for those who do not have much space to store things!

1-kitchen-gray-handle-shell 2-kitchen-gray-handle-shell 3-kitchen-gray-handle-shell 4-kitchen-detail 5-bench meal 6-bench meal 7-room-touch-rustic 8-room-touch-rustic 9-room-touch-rustic 10-bedroom-bed-with-drawers 11-bathroom-with-details-simple-and-beautiful 12-hall-entrance 13-hall-entrance 14-kit-kitnet