Small apartment reform that spared the walls and created a mezzanine

Another very nice gallery of architecture that we did not know, which is the office staff Go , founded in 2013 by architects Anna Juni, Enk te Winkel and Gustavo Delonero. We discovered this galera in our wanderings through the internet through the project Antônio Bicudo Apartment, in São Paulo, which is our post today. This 50m² apartment is located on the top floor of a four-story building. The main objective of the reform was to isolate the room from the other environments, which was a desire of the future inhabitant. Thus, contrary to what is usually proposed in small space reforms (as we have seen here countless times), the work was carried out virtually without demolition. The extension of the existing wall allowed to create a volume that internally houses the room. In addition to protecting the rest area from the sounds coming from the street, the new layout, according to the architects, aimed to improve the proportions of integrated living areas, living room, kitchen and balcony, as well as the incidence of natural lighting in these environments .


On the other side of this wall, facing the living room, this volume received elements of locksmith, shelf and mobile support, which run along 3.5 linear meters to organize books, electronic devices and the collection of vinyl records. By the existence of a collective laundry on the ground floor of the building, the service area can be replaced by a large support cabinet (food dispenser, cleaning materials, tank and tank), embedded in the lateral side of the volume. Let's face it, an amazing idea!


The rest of the wet areas, still in the words of the architects, were concentrated on a single axis across the bottom of the apartment. Above the bathroom are located the water tanks of the building and for this reason the lining under the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom conform a lower right-hand horizontal plane, interrupted in the living area, where it accompanies the slope of the roof and shows the wood structural scissors. The liner design, added to the new loose volume of the ceiling, widened the living area creating additional space over the room that can be accessed by means of a metal ladder.

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Photos: Go - Photographer Rafaela Netto