Small apartment with creative and fun joinery

Small apartment combined with creative carpentry and young and modern decoration is the basic equation that results in this beautiful 50m² project, made by the staff of the House100 Architect ! With a fully open and integrated space, this beautiful apartment is packed with ideas and solutions for small spaces! On one side is a beautiful continuous bench, all in shades of green, that unites the TV room to the kitchen. In part of this workbench, it has a draw back that fits into puffs that complement the furniture of the room. On the opposite wall is a wooden cabinet, out-of-the-wall on the wall, which has plenty of room for storage. Incidentally, closet and storage space do not lack in this beautiful project. On the balcony, there is the dining room and, embedded in the closet, the laundry room. The fun color palette of the decor makes a beautiful contrast with the concrete of the ceiling and the floor, the touch of wood in some points of the environment leaves you more alive and cozy.

1-apartment-type-studio-super-well-decorated 2-apartment-type-studio-super-well-decorated 3-apartment-with-mercenary-colorful-and-fun 4-apartment-with-mercenary-colorful-and-fun 5-apartment-with-mercenary-creative 6-kitchen-american-green-water-and-modern 7-kitchen-american-green-water-and-modern 8-apartment-with-mercenary-creative 9-apartment-with-mercenary-creative 10-room-dining-on-the-balcony 11-bathroom-black-and-yellow 12-bathroom-black-and-yellow 13-bathroom-black-and-yellow

Photos: House100 Architecture