Small cottage turns into a comfortable a hideaway in the middle of the woods

The owner of this small house was looking for a comfortable place to rest, after a series of events in his life. However, his budget was limited, something around R $ thousand. And that's where the architect comes in. Henry Yorke Mann , who working within this super restricted budget, designed a house of 27.9 m 2, with the plant in the shape of a cross. This form sectorized the areas of use without having to use walls, thus, the kitchen is in one corner, the living room in another, the bathroom in another and the entrance in another. In this way, all environments are organized around a central nucleus, giving the sense of amplitude. There is a 9.3m² mezzanine where the room is!

1-small-cottage-of-small-and-wood 2-plant-in-cross-shape 3-kitchen-open-wooden-house 4-bedroom-comfortable-wooden house 5-bedroom-mezzanine-wooden house 6-bathroom-small-wooden-house 7-small-cottage-of-small-and-wood 8-small-cottage-of-small-and-wood

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