If you are one of those people who suffer from lack of place for your guests to sit at your house, welcome to the club. Be it for lack of space to out   […]

Look what a nice idea, which was presented on the website of OODA - Portuguese architecture office - but that seems a bit dangerous, mainly   […]

There's always that space under the stairs, which we see around here, which is now a toilet (who has never been in a house with the toilet under the stairs?!), now a   […]

Different rooms for the same person or many people for the same room? This was the first question asked to our friend in the rooms below. Depo   […]

One more good idea that we think is worth scattering around. We found this on Pinterest. Yes, we can use chairs for many other purposes alé   […]

Today's project came up with the idea of ​​reusing some existing cabinets in the environment, which, before being a girl's room, was a library / home of   […]

The world is full of good ideas, is not it? And the cooler and more creative the idea, the more it deserves to be shared. The following concept is an idea   […]

This week, a friend who is looking for a house to rent, sent me an email with some photos and measurements of some rooms in the house that she would like   […]