One more good idea that we think is worth scattering around. We found this on Pinterest. Yes, we can use chairs for many other purposes alé   […]

Today's project came up with the idea of ​​reusing some existing cabinets in the environment, which, before being a girl's room, was a library / home of   […]

The world is full of good ideas, is not it? And the cooler and more creative the idea, the more it deserves to be shared. The following concept is an idea   […]

This week, a friend who is looking for a house to rent, sent me an email with some photos and measurements of some rooms in the house that she would like   […]

Do you remember the up - Disney movie? This is the coffee table Up, which gives the impression of being supported by a lot of gold balloons   […]

The puppy will be born soon and it's time to choose how the baby's room will be. What will he need in the new room? As we well know, and   […]

Who has never had a lack of space problem, has he? And when you need two environments to share the same space, without much conflict and not much   […]

Paper lanterns, in general, cost very cheaply and cause a very beautiful effect to any decor. However, hiring a professional to illuminate you,   […]

The decor of the double room may seem simple, however there are many care to be taken, after all, there are two people with different needs div   […]