I must confess that I left the Scandinavian apartments halfway here on the blog, not because I got bored or I did not like it, but I preferred to open a space to fill with Brazilian architects. Has anyone noticed? After this period, I ended up facing th   […]

dinner seems like something very old, does not it? After all, the dining room has become an increasingly rare room at home due to the ever smaller size of the property. I think the more correct term for the present day would be dining area. However, in   […]

Located in a residential neighborhood of São Paulo, this beautiful house is a project of the staff of the SP Group. The office is the result of the association of architects trained in different moments that gathered for the development of competitions a   […]

As an architect I have to admit that the environments that I like to design are the environments for children. Of any age! They are usually freer and more fun environments, which makes the work process much cooler! So, when you see small rooms like thi   […]

When the layout is well organized, almost never lack of space is a very serious problem. Not only the layout, but furniture and things in the right proportions to the spaces also help a lot. And this beautiful apartment is a great example of how this re   […]