I think I already said that here, but it is a fact that the nursery decoration is one of the most fun times, when we plan or repaginate a house. Not to mention that depending on the age of your children, they can help you choose themes, furniture and acc   […]

The toilet, well formerly, was an environment that only existed in larger homes and the wealthier people. However, from time to time, I think he has gained more space and importance in our house, mere mortals. So much so that now he is captive figurine   […]

I must confess that I left the Scandinavian apartments halfway here on the blog, not because I got bored or I did not like it, but I preferred to open a space to fill with Brazilian architects. Has anyone noticed? After this period, I ended up facing th   […]

dinner seems like something very old, does not it? After all, the dining room has become an increasingly rare room at home due to the ever smaller size of the property. I think the more correct term for the present day would be dining area. However, in   […]