Kitnet explores the contrast between black, white and colorful details

Do you know that decoration that wins you in the details? This is the case of this beautiful apartment of only 32 square meters and full of colorful and fun details spread out on a black and white base. The kitnet decoration is somewhat classic, industrial medium and, of course, follows the Scandinavian style. From the colorful cushions on the couch, to the little toy monkey hanging from the kitchen to the shelf in the bedroom, with the neat books in order of color, are all lovely details, easy to copy and that give a super cool tcham to the environment. Without forgetting to mention the panel of paint composed of frames and niches that is a great idea to leave any room (or environment you prefer) more daring, modern and fun! Color touches on the kitchen shelves also make all the difference!

1-kitchen-american-small-industrial-beautiful 2-kitchen-american-small-industrial-beautiful 3-kitchen-american-small-industrial-beautiful 4-room-fun-apartment-small 5-room-fun-apartment-small 6-bedroom-small-with-shelf-and-books-colorful 7-room-fun-apartment-small-with-panel-in-ink 8-room-fun-apartment-small-table-opens-and-date 9-entry-apartment-small 10-bathroom-all-white 11-floor-apartment-32-m2

images: Swedbank Fastighetsbyrå AB