Multifunctional bed is designed to be a true playground for adults

We get tired of hearing people sighing over a super comfy bed, cute and you do not feel like leaving it anymore, do you? But I've never seen anyone daydreaming about a multi-functional bed. If you are still not sleepy, you can snuggle in the massage chair and put on a little music to relax. Or if you prefer to advance some work, just pull the table to the computer, that is, get out of there for what, right?! What if I told you that you can have all this on one piece of furniture? Practicality and comfort, all together, in one mobile, practically a playground for adults. Sold by Asian retailers, this modular bed is fully customizable and has plenty of storage space. You even have the power to charge your cell phone or notebook. USB port? Of course you do! Sound box? Also have.


And unlike some super functional furniture we see around, that bed is not the ugliest, do you agree? It has every kind and size of niche for you to store something. There is a huge chest underneath the mattress or you can lift the seat from the seat to a slightly smaller space. On the side, you'll find space for books, folders and even a safe for more valuable items!

2-bed multifunctional-dark gray

Because it is a modular and customizable mobile, all of these components can be added, changed or removed as you see fit. It still comes in a huge range of colors, whether in fabric or leather (faux leather, from what I could understand). Models range from US $ 1,700 to US $ 3,000, depending on the size of the mattress and the selected items.

3-bed multifunctional-white

But since all that is good lasts little, it is worth remembering that these beds were made by Asians and for the Asian market, where the average height of a person is much smaller than in many places out there. The smallest mattress is only 150cm wide, while the largest is 180cm wide. Just so you have a base, a standard double bed in Brazil is 188cm, while a queen is 198cm.

4-bed multifunctional-dark gray

But even if you're soft (just like me), you're still going to suck your finger, as this beauty is available only to the Asian market for now.

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