One-story house that privileges the spaces of conviviality and leisure

I have a love affair with earth houses, suit. I have nothing against the townhouses and I even think they result in much more imposing facades, but my passion is even for single-family houses! Yes, I die of laziness to go up and down stairs, but I swear that's not why not. I think it's really due to the architectural challenge of working on this façade to make it as interesting as that of a townhouse. Well, the reason does not matter, because the focus here is to share this wonderful project of the ArqBr Architecture and Urbanism , which is the Güths House. The property, designed by the architects Eder Alencar and André Velloso, is in a gated community in Brasilia and has approximately 280m².


According to the architects, the intention of the owners was to build a single-story house, in principle, for the weekends, highlighting the spaces of conviviality and leisure. The shape and size of the terrain were the main challenges to be overcome, since it was intended for a single occupation and with the release of the largest possible green area.


The implantation resulted from the idea of ​​organizing the occupation of the land, as well as to sectorize the needs program from two main volumes. In the first, the intimate spaces are arranged in a linear fashion. The second, concentrates the social spaces. These volumes were articulated in order to create a square in the back of the lot, a space more reserved and that enhances the social coexistence of residents and guests.

26-area-outdoor-with-pool-and-sauna 3-detail-facade-principal-linda 4-detail-facade-principal-linda

The composition of the facade reveals the treatment given to the spaces: to those more closed (of intimate use), we see more the concrete, to those of social use, there is permeability of the wood slatted and to those of recreational use, totally open, with nothing even .

5-outdoor-with-pool 6-outdoor-with-pool 7-detail-area-external 8-room-integrated 9-outdoor-with-pool 10-runner-side 11-circulation 12-room-dining-lighting-natural-view 13-detail-rooms-integrated 14-integrated rooms 15-detail-rooms-integrated 16-room dining 17-bedside-detail-bed 18-rooms-integrated 19-internal-external-integration 20-area-barbecue-and-TV-room 21-kitchen-integrated-barbecue 22-kitchen-integrated-barbecue 23-room-double-minimalist-and-cute 24-bathroom-light-and-lit. 25-plant-house-land

Photos: Joana França and Haruo Mikami