Popup Lighting: The Coolest Lighting Fixtures You've Ever Seen

There are people who can turn cool ideas into amazing products, right? This is the case of Israeli designer Chen Bikovski, who created these incredible lampshades. Its inspiration came from the pop-up books, those that present beautiful three-dimensional figures when opening the pages. According to the designer, the idea behind Popup Lighting Was to create a lamp that could bring a magical atmosphere into the house. She undoubtedly succeeded!


Popup Lighting brings back the excitement, surprise and innocence of our childhood through art and design. There are three models available: the Deer Head, the Peacock and the Cactus (my favorite!).

2-popup-lighting-peacock 3-deer-head-in-room 4-peacock-in-the-dining-room 5-deer-head-room-for-child 6-cactus-light

The cool thing about Cactus is that you can choose a model that has 3 different types of lighting (3 different cacti), or buy 3 different models with the same lighting (each with a cactus).

7-cactus-light 8-cactus-light

Yes, the store Delivery in Brazil and you can find in the Amazon also!

9-deer-head-no-natal 10-peacock-in-home-office

Great, huh?