Robert van Embricqs and his incredible folding furniture

When you hear the words"folding furniture,"the first thing that comes to mind is those bar chairs, right? But the Dutch contemporary designer Robert van Embricqs created a collection of furniture known as Rising Furniture , which will make us create a new concept in folding furniture! To create his innovative designs, Embricqs asked himself,"To what extent is the object you are creating capable of dictating your own design?"Exploring this premise to the utmost, he sought inspiration from nature, noting the incredible transformations he encountered in his around.


Embricqs chairs, tables and bowls start to come to life with flat pieces of bamboo. The designer then sculpts incision patterns to create bamboo bundles, which gracefully transform into unique and functional pieces. Each piece opens to find its final shape, like the blossoming of a flower. When not in use, they can be unfolded and saved again.

2-Folding Chair

The designer sees the collection as a collaboration between him and the material. Explaining the final stage of creating a play, he says:"I still did not know what format the chair would have in the end. This was determined by the various arches of the wooden beams from which the chair is made. By doubling the chair in its definitive form as creator, a special connection with the material was born."

3-Folding Chair 4-detail-of-the-furniture 5-detail-of-the-furniture 6-fruit-incredible 7-fruit-incredible 8-Folding Chair 9-Folding Chair

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