Small apartment that has undergone renovation and has won another bedroom

Often, when an apartment looks smaller than it really is, we can blame it on blaming the layout and the excess walls. This small apartment of 48.5m², which is in Taipei, Taiwan, is a great example of what we are talking about. Its original plant was very fragmented, filled with unnecessary walls, which created claustrophobic environments. Until the A'Lentil Design and give a beautiful recast in space.


The first thing the designers did was to change the layout, opening up more space. They did this with the intention of giving more freedom of movement to the residents. Removed such barriers, it was possible to ensure a better connection between the different spaces of the apartment. As a result of the removal of the walls, the space became brighter and easier to furnish.


In addition to simplifying the layout, the designers also made some structural and functional changes. One of the bedrooms became the new living room / kitchen. The entrance hall gained a storage area under the stairs. The walls are left standing or are white or colored with pastel shades. This staircase arrives in a new room, in a kind of mezzanine.

3-room-kitchen-american-with-countertop 4-kitchen-white-with-countertop 5-room-kitchen-american-with-countertop 6-room-room-tones-pastel 7-room-of-the-room-tones-pastel 8-room-of-the-room-tones-pastel 9-plant-reform-before-and-after

images: A'Lentil Design