Small apartment with kitchen full of black cabinets

You are already bald to know that we love a small apartment. The smaller, the more we like! We make those choices by hand because we know the importance of a beautiful and well-organized home. This beautiful Apartment of only 28 square meters , For example, is full of ideas for you to get inspired and implement in your corner. What most charms us here is its American kitchen with black cabinets, color that is rarely used in small homes. However, in this case, it was used with mastery! Everything works harmoniously, because the blackened wood is counterbalanced by good internal lighting and transparencies!


It is worth remembering that American cuisine is a great option for small properties, since it helps in the amplitude of the space without the need of visual barriers. In addition, it promotes integration, since the person preparing the meal is able to chat with the friends in the room. However, this type of kitchen leaves the room smelling of the food you are preparing and, depending on the layout, the cupboard space decreases considerably. In many cases, you will only have the cabinet under the sink. Therefore, it is worth pondering whether this type of cuisine matches your lifestyle.

2-room-cozy-pb-classico 3-cocina-americana-com-iluminación 4-kitchenette-with-small-table 5-cocina-americana-com-iluminación 6-kitchen-american-with-lighting 7-bedroom-small-cabinets-without-door 8-entry-room 9-bathroom-small-black-and-white 10-plant-apt-28m2

images: Brspec