The perfect home for you who is a photographer

Working from home has become the dream of many people out there. However, this requires a lot of discipline and will power, after all, if you entertain yourself at home and start doing something else is much easier than in the work environment. However, this was very successful for a Japanese photographer, but without much planning. This year, office staff FORM / Kouichi Kimura Architects completed the construction that serves as home, photo studio and gallery for exhibition of photos. The house is situated on a road that crosses the countryside. The facade is what I liked the most in this whole project, made of masonry and coated, in part, with galvanized steel sheets. It guarantees maximum privacy for the front façade, which gives onto the street, but in its other facades there are openings in some key points, leaving its interior illuminated and very broad. The layout is quite simple, but it is not as simple and linear as its exterior, since the home and studio environments juxtapose themselves by taking away some of the simplicity expected.


Instead of dividing the spaces by house / work functions, the architects and the client agreed on a more casual organization that places the work spaces in the social area of ​​the house. A mix of concrete and wood define the decoration of almost all environments, leaving them very modern and cozy. The furniture has a vintage feel and the pictures on the walls are authored by the client himself. Some spaces were intentionally kept more empty, to emphasize architectural details.


The building aims to be"live and dynamic"with proportion and scale that allows it to serve as a photo studio. It has spaces with lots of natural light, as well as spaces with fully controlled lights.

3-fachada-modena-casa-japonesa 4-entry-modern house 5-entry-modern house 6-entry-modern house 7-entry-circulation-minimalist 8-room-minimalist-photographer-house 9-room-minimalist-photographer's house 10-room-minimalist-photographer-house 11-ladder-cement-burnt 12-home-studio-photographic-floor-cement-burnt 13-home-studio-photographic-lighting-natural 14-home-studio-photographic-floor-cement-burnt 15-home-studio-photographic-floor-cement-burnt 16-circulation-with-beautiful-panel 17-circulation-with-beautiful-panel 18-ambient-minimalist-floor-wood 19-home-office-all-in-wood 20-bench-and-table 21-studio-photography-at-home 22-space-multi-use 23-space-multi-use

images: FORM / Kouichi Kimura Architects - photographers: Yoshihiro Asada and Norihito Yamauchi