The reform creates kitchen with dining area and connection with garden

The renovation of this typical 1950s Victorian house in England had to overcome certain challenges such as its lower right foot and the low quality used in construction. The client asked the architects to enlarge the house by creating a kitchen with a dining area that had a living connection to the garden. They also asked for a large, bright space with cool and quality materials. Therefore, the Nimtim , Inspired by Japanese architecture, has created an extension using wood and glass, resulting in an incredible kitchen, perfect for receiving friends and family!

1-kitchen-with-island-and-dining-room-brick 2-kitchen-with-island-and-dining-room-brick 3-room-dining-with-brick-and-pendant 4-kitchen-with-island-and-dining-room-brick 5-kitchen-with-island-and-dining-room-brick 6-room-dining-with-brick-and-pendant 7-kitchen-cabinets-white-finish-subway 8-detail-bookcase-in-kitchen 9-detail-coverage-with-lighting-zenith 10-Bench Details 11-detail-bookcase-in-kitchen 12-tv-room-pink-clear 13-detail-tv-room-pink-clear 14-entry-bathroom-under-the-stairs 15-edicula-cocina 16-edicula-cocina 17-facade-Victorian house 18-floor-kitchen-reform

images: Nimtim Architects