Three storey house with tropical air and lots of wood in the decoration

It is not very easy to create a sense of continuity and breadth in a multi-storey house, especially if the property is in a large city. It's difficult for some, but the Schwartz an Architecture was able to handle this challenge in this beautiful home in San Francisco, California. By placing the staircases of this three-story townhouse at different points, the architects defined a continuous flow of space and movement. It is also worth noting that the main staircase has become an incredible architectural detail and unifying the environments and levels of the house. The house has always been designed with landscaping in mind, which ultimately reflects the sunny California culture, always seeking the outdoors. This is emphasized by the two terraces - one on the second level, the other on the roof - that provide outdoor spaces for residents to enjoy good weather in the company of friends and family.


The interiors follow the line of contemporary style, full of elegance, with surfaces made of polished wood and sophisticated decorative accessories. The light, neutral tones of the furniture and kitchen counter serve to balance the richness of the wood, creating an elegant combination.

Enormous right feet and glass walls allow for abundant natural sunlight, creating an interior that is not only sophisticated but also bright and airy.

1-kitchen-large-floor-wood-table 2-circulation-stair-detail-incredible 3-room-living-with-TV-and-armchairs 4-kitchen-great-lots-lighting-natural 5-kitchen-with-balcony-gourmet 6-balcony-with-chairs-acapulco 7-detail-incredible-of-stairs 8-kitchen-with-lamp-sputnik 9-circulation-second-floor 10-room-clean-with-fireplace 11-room-clean-with-fireplace 12-bathroom-with-tub-beautiful-and-clean 13-bathroom-large-straight-lines-wood-and-marble 14-bathroom-large-straight-lines-wood-and-marble 15-facades-gray-glass-lighting 16-implantation-in-environment 17-cut-design-levels

Photos: Schwartz and Architecture