Using Crochet in Decoration

I learned how to crochet when I was very small with my grandmother and I never forgot. When I got interested in crochet, I turned my attention to him in the decoration and I decided to share it here with you too! The crochet has become a wildcard in the decoration, and we can find it in the living room, bedroom, bathroom and so on. In addition to bringing color and texture, it also warms up, in the coziest sense of the word, the environments of the house during all seasons, especially the icy ones. And who does not like to leave their space more beautiful and cozy? Therefore, for those who enjoy an original and personalized decoration, crochet, as well as all crafts, is ideal! Let's see some examples that we separate from how to insert it into the decoration?!


Photograph: Didos Gift House

You're mistaken if you think the crochet is tacky, dated, and only suits the way to the table. With a little creativity and appropriate materials, the crochet pieces can be super modern and beautiful! We can make carpets, baskets, cachepôs, little animals, puffs, stools, quilts, mobiles, blankets, cushions, in fact, a multitude of pieces! And there is no point in noting that for the little ones' room, beautiful and cute ideas do not lack!

2-amazing crochet blanket

Photograph: The Hand Made

The secret here is common sense. The crochet pieces are usually very striking, so putting them in several places in the same environment can leave you a little heavy and tiring. To illustrate, in the room, the ideal is to choose between putting cushions, blanket or rug. Will you use more than one cache? Try to keep them close to each other.


Photograph: pragma myuda

4-crochet cachep

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Photograph: Pinterest


Photograph: Pinterest


Photograph: Looping Home - Etsy

12-crochet-bear rug

Photograph: SusiMiu


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Photograph: Satin - Elo7

15-amigurumi-cute teddy bears

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Photograph: The Hand Made