Who would not want to live in this loft with chic-industrial decor?

This beautiful loft has only 100 square meters is the result of the excellent work of the architect Ana Colnaghi, from the Studio Colnaghi Architecture . With an industrial-chic air, at the request of the resident, the chosen materials could not have been more successful! The demolition brick gives the rustic tone and, combined with the wood and the cement textures (porcelain wall), creates a modern and cozy atmosphere. The lightness of the metal structures of both the staircase and the bookcase of the room are breathtaking. The American-style kitchen seamlessly integrates with the rest of the environment with its modern colors and textures. At the far end of the kitchen is the laundry room that is hidden by a beautiful sliding glass door reflecting bronze, a cool solution for small spaces. The crystal chandelier that, besides valuing the right foot, serves as a point of contrast with the rest of the environment. The bedroom on the mezzanine floor follows a neutral and chic color palette that values ​​the materials chosen for the headboard.

1-loft-beautiful-spaces-integrated 2-loft-beautiful-spaces-integrated 3-bedroom-mezzanine-loft-cozy 4-living-room-small-beautiful 5-room-ceiling-double-with-fireplace 6-detail-ladder-metal-and-wood 7-loft-beautiful-spaces-integrated 8-room-dining-double-right-foot 9-detail-kitchen-brick 10-modern-kitchen-glass-door-divides-service-area 11-modern kitchen-integrated-to-room 12-door-open laundry 13-room-dining-double-right-foot 14-living-room-small-beautiful 15-lavabo-modern-lindo 16-desk-in-room 17-suite-beautiful-modern-in-mezzanine 18-bedside-detail 19-bathroom-suite-beautiful 20-closet-open-without-doors-organized 21-balcony-outdoor-with-deck-and-jacuzzi

images: Studio Colnaghi Architecture